Essential Information Before Considering Working With Me

You Can feel better, and I want you to feel better, so you can make your life more the way you’d like it to be.   For the past  40-some years I’ve been helping people, probably a lot like you, feel better and behave more skillfully, in order to get what they want from their lives.   You are unique as a person, and the specific details of your life are equally unique.  Your special differences from everyone else are very important.  And  over the decades I’ve been in the health field, I’ve seen most of the patterns of difficulty that bring folks to seek help.   I’m usually able to notice these basic human patterns relatively quickly, and to recommend what to do about them.

For adults and selected children, I can help with the many variations of emotional pain we call :  anxieties, depressions, low self-confidence, relationship/couple and emotional intimacy problems, difficulties like adult ADHD, maximizing comfortable adjustment to mind-body disease/dysfunction, and maximizing Comfort instead of physical Pain.

My special strength in therapy, coaching and hypnosis is developing warm rapport, through direct conversation and honest feedback. This usually leads to relatively rapid relief, problem solving and personal change. I’m also good at helping clients both find and strengthen motivation to change, and to discover their deeper inner resources necessary to manage mind-body and psychological challenges.     Clients often feel much better and behave more skillfully without necessarily knowing quite why.  My approach is eclectic, integrating a wide variety of strategies and tactics, and often relying on common sense and experiential learning, rather than primarily on psychological theory or “insight”.   I find that hypnosis and self-hypnosis can often increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning both new information, and creative ways of using it.

I earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1971 at UNC-Chapel Hill.  My next four decades were  spent helping develop a large Group Practice of psychology, psychiatry, social workers and researchers   I’ve pursued extensive advanced and residential study with leaders in many approaches to therapy and problem solving, including Milton Erickson, MD.

I’m available to see you three days a week:  Raleigh on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Carrboro on Mondays. My addresses are on the Home Page horizontal menu under For New Clients/Contact. Individual sessions are 45 minutes.  First session is $175. , and we negotiate a fee for subsequent sessions that will work for both of us, usually around $155. If it becomes appropriate, Group Therapy is charged by the month, usually around $75. a week.

I don’t use credit cards, so cash or check when I see you will work fine.  I’ve been off all insurance panels for many years, and I can accept Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account benefits.  I can also give you the documentation you need to file for “Outside of Network” insurance benefits.  If you think your policy might have “Outside of Network” benefits, you’ll want to clarify your resources before calling me, being sure to phone [and document your call] your insurance company’s 800 # to learn 4 things:

1] “Does my policy have Outside of Network Mental Health benefits?”  And                                if so, 2] “What’s the Deductible, 3]  How much of that have I already met? And 4]  What is the date my Deductible turns over to a new year?  ”

If you’d like to know more about me though the eyes of my wife, Peggy Payne, I invite you to visit her website.  If we decide to work together you will surely hear me mention her regularly.   She’s a fine writer and writing teacher/consultant/coach; the New York Times named her previous novel, Sister India, a Notable Book of the Year, available in several languages.  Her recent novel Cobalt Blue is available throughout the English-speaking world and can be ordered from your local independent bookstore and through Amazon.  You can read reader reviews by hitting “Reviews” at Amazon.  Please be aware Cobalt Blue and Peggy’s other two novels are literary fiction, which is always elegantly crafted and often about the “dark side”.  Cobalt Blue is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Once you’ve explored my website, you’ll find me much more likely and quickly available by phone than by Email.  Please remember, I work only Mondays in Carrboro, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Raleigh.  You can reach me at (919) 215-4703. Unfortunately receiving my email and Voicemail is often delayed a few hours to a few days. I look forward to chatting with you and discovering how I can help.

You may want to Search for my “Bio” post for more details.


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