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M, Thanks for your kind words. I was just now thinking about reports about my services posted by clients on Angieslist, & your message through my site popped up. I’m so glad you’re making our efforts together exciting & useful, & I expect you will continue to grow into the kind of person you really want to be. Good work. I’ve edited your note some for clarity & length-I trust that’s OK w/ you. Warmly, Dr Bob


In just a few sessions, I have learned more, changed more than in years with other therapists. Dr. Bob is the best. Smell ye rosebuds while ye may, because time is still flying, This same flower that shines today, tomorrow will be dying (Dead Poets Society). Stay in the moment, … and in that uncertainty is the field of pure potential and possibilities. Everything else is an illusion. These false realities have created holes in our essence (personality structure), but these voids need not be filled with drugs, food, sex, or money. They … [can be] filled through reexamination of the nature of our [internal] reality. They …[can be] found not by trying to find our place in the world, but finding a place inside ourselves for the world.

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