Group Therapy: a talk at Holly Hill on Thursday 5-17 Noon till 1PM

“Group Therapy Dynamics”- for mental health professionals.

Thu May 3, 2012 6:48 pm (PDT)

This is my slightly edited, previous Email to the sponsor of these Lunchtime Presentations.   I’ve since remembered to be realistic [Isn’t it surprising how these important lessons must be learned & re-learned, and re-learned, and re-…??], about how much material can comfortably be presented and discussed in 45 minutes.  So I plan to talk only about #1, give a handout about #2,  and incorporate #3 while presenting #1 — we’ll see on Thursday how well I can manage this multi-level intention .

“Hey K, I’ll be there for sure–lookin’ forward to sharing the newer ‘Integrative/individualized’ approach to weekly group therapy, in
1) Irv Yalom’s classic [Theory & Practice of Group Therapy [5th! Edition], evidence-based Healing Principles in interpersonal group therapy;

2) a summary of his In-Patient variations for group therapy; and

3) a very short experiential hypnotic trance to illustrate, among other things, the compelling recent CBT research on how much hypnosis strengthens CT/ CBT outcomes [see for example, the entire most recent issue of Amer Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 54, #4 guest edited by Assen Alladin,

or Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis : An Evidence Based Approach — Steven Jay Lynn & Irving Kirsch.

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