A doggie query– what’s a good breed of dog?

My reply was too long for their site, so I’m putting it here.  You might read it as if it were about making friends, or about choosing a long term partner — have fun.

It depends on what you want in a dog. It’s a lot of responsability, & it seems to me many folks don’t put as much time & energy into studying themselves & the canine options & all the changes a puppy/dog’ll entail as they put into buying a car. And the car isn’t another sentient being.

An old book by Daniel Tortora, PhD would help orient you. He offers a few self-study questions to help match the sort of person you are/kind of dog that you might fit well with.
to the distinctly different genetically engineered by us people Purposes
Different breeds and groups of breeds have been genetically engineered/selectively bred for Very different purposes & traits. If bred for job rather than beauty at Shows, you can expect a higher probability that the AKC or UKC breeds will have the traits they were bred for, though sex, socialization experiences and individual differences in temperament all interact with the emotional & training experiences a particular dog & particular person have together.

It’s a lot like having kids — general genetics sets certain limits & life experiences interacting with accidents & incidents of, especially, childhood years[ 2-3 years in a Big dog] turn out a unique individual every time. I do hope folks will gather lots information from experienced breeders & look long & deeply at themselves along the path toward canid companionship.

Patricia Mc Connell & pat Miller have published many well informed & informative books about doggie relations. Taking in a Shelter dog has lots of positive aspects, & these dogs very often have major physical &/or emotional problems that led to their being in the shelter. None the less, they often make fine pets — tho if you want specific traits, it’s more likely to find them built-in through selective breeding. And I damn sure don’t mean puppy mills or backyard breeders. bd

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