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Dr. Bob Dick’s special strength in individual, couple and group psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and EMD-R is developing rapid, warm rapport through direct conversation and honest feedback. This usually leads to progressive, relatively quick relief, problem solving and personal change.  Clients often feel much better and behave more skillfully without necessarily knowing quite why .  His approach is eclectic, using a wide variety of strategies and tactics, especially Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioral and Hypnotic.

Fees   Over the last ten years Dr Bob has gotten off all insurance panels, and he provides documentation for you to file if your policy has Outside-Of-Network benefits.   He  accepts Outside of Network, Health Savings Account, and FlexSpending benefits. Please check to be sure of your policy’s OON benefits and what the Deductible is.  He accepts only checks or cash, no credit or debit cards.  Individual psychotherapy sessions are 45 minutes, and first-session fee is nearly always $125, paid when you see him.   A fee for subsequent sessions is agreed upon during the second session, usually around $125, which is about half of what he charged in his previous, corporate psychology setting. Group Therapy is charged by the month, usually about $60. a week.

His Sliding Fee Scale  for psychotherapy goes both up and down.  After our initial session, we negotiate a fee that will work for both of us.  If the client has one or more well established streams of professional-level income &/or other significant funds, we will negotiate and agree on a fee somewhat more than $125.  Group Therapy fee of $60./$65per week, and Full Day Workshop fee of $140. have similar sliding scales.  If the client is the proverbial “starving grad student” with 3 kids, and if Dr Bob is the “Right” therapist for the job, the fee can be very small, i.e. perhaps $45. for individual or group therapy.

Dr Bob sees adults individually, couples, and Groups [weekly and Full Day].  He is especially familiar and helpful with:

• Depressions: including dis-spiritedness, complex grief, Bipolar Disorder and low self-esteem

• Anxieties : worries, any kind of phobia. difficulty swallowing, panic attacks, PTSD and survivors of childhood abuse

Adult ADD/ADHD “Attention Difference Difficulty”[aka Attention Deficit   Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder]; noticing previously un-diagnosed Adult ADHD, & managing the associated cognitive, emotional and relationship problems

• Mind/Body issues, such as: rewiring the brain/neuroplasticity, any kind of pain, warts, chronic or complex illness and the accompanying demoralization (for example: heart, lung, blood pressure, headaches, Parkinson’s, MS, cancers, diabetes, sleep problems [including apnea], allergies/asthma, chronic fatigue, Tourette’s), rehabilitation, and preparation for childbirth and surgery

• Men’s issues, and[believe it or not], Women’s Issues

• Self-regulation, anger management, stress, for example: smoking cessation, weight management, study skills, temper outbursts, nail-biting, breathing …

• Spiritual/religious issues like deepening either your prayer life or meditation practice

• Communication : problem solving, interpersonal relationships / emotional intimacy skills / couples’ skills

• Un-blocking and enhancing artistic production / creative performance

Training  Dr. Dick has been in practice and has trained other therapists for nearly five decades. He received his PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1971, interned at a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital & Child Guidance Clinic. and continued advanced study with Milton Erickson, MD, and other leading therapists. He was a partner in HRC Behavioral Health & Psychiatry, PA. (the oldest and largest private practice group of psychologists in the state), and is a recognized trainer of professionals in psychotherapy, hypnosis and group psychotherapy. In 1982 he visited China to learn Eastern approaches and  teach mental health practices, particularly group therapy and hypnosis. In addition to the usual professional organizations, he’s been a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists, American Group Psychotherapy Association, and a Founding Member of the National Register of Certified Group Psychotherapists (all now inactive).

He was an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, has taught at many local and regional ASCH workshops, and is a two term past president of the NC Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Bob has two grown sons and lives in the country with his wife, writer Peggy Payne, who coaches, consults with, and teaches other writers. She has been a Visiting Scholar at Duke University and her novel Sister India is a N.Y. Times Notable Book of the Year www.peggypayne.com .  For fun,  Dr. Bob drives an old car, applies Aikido to everyday life, enjoys friends and dogs, and reads a lot. He has been a guest several times and was a long-time underwriter of the nationally syndicated public health radio program “The Peoples Pharmacy”, with Joe and Terry Graedon: WUNC 91.5 FM. Saturdays at 7:00 AM.

7 Responses to About Dr Bob

  1. paul rieker says:

    Hello Bob!
    Nice to meet you.

    • admin says:

      Hey P, I just noticed I’d not replied to your looong-ago comment. My sincere apologies. What I likely would have said is
      “Thanks for reading & commenting, and back attcha” b

  2. Matthew says:

    In just a few sessions, I have learned more, changed more than in years with other therapists. Dr. Bob is the best. Smell ye rosebuds while ye may, because time is still flying, this same flower that shines today, tomorrow will be dying (Dead Poets Society). Stay in the moment, it is where uncertainty lies, and in that uncertainty is the field of pure potential and possibilities. Everything else is an illusion. These false realities have created holes in our essence (personality structure), but these voids need not be filled with drugs, food, sex, or money. They are filled through reexamination of the nature of reality. They are found not by trying to find our place in the world, but finding a place inside ourselves for the world.

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