Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner

My response to my friend Dr Joe Burgo’s recent post,

Another thought provoking piece, Dr Joe ! I found a chuckle about “brain imagining “, as that’s the way I experience the colorful, influential and somewhat oversimplifying brain imaging research. The whole brain is involved in these complex processes, but we’re limited to noticing the circulation/activation of a few parts of the brain as if this actually isolates and explains the complex interactions involved. Whether it’s nature or nurture, or more likely their interaction, that brings sex role awareness, identification and behavior, the narratives we make up and tell ourselves carry the day. Fortunately the stories we tell ourselves are constantly changing, often outside conscious awareness, and they’re often responsive to therapeutic re-framing for personal comfort. It’s a great challenge to appreciate that beyond the currently incomprehensible biological beings we are, it’s these interpretations/stories we make up and can change that determine an individual’s feeling of “rightness” in the world.

Dr Bob

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