Depressions/Best Book : Big, Bipolar, Uni-polar, and Variations/Equivalents

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, Second Edition: What You and Your Family Need to Know 2nd Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1606235423
ISBN-10: 1606235427
Not any similarly titled book by another author 
 Available in several formats
Amongst other updates, this 2016 Second Edition contains more personal stories and a new Chapter for Women. It’s very useful and practical for any major Depression, whether bipolar, uni-polar or their many variations and equivalents.
Discussion of  sunlight therapy would also been helpful. Any comprehensive book on a complex subject is still just a book, and folks who’re not natural readers might find an audio version, when available, useful.
Consultation with a therapist experienced with the many idiosyncratic variations of depression [for example, strong  irritability amongst some men], would also be helpful for most non-professional readers.
dr bob
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