Areas of Specialization

How can Dr. Bob help you?

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy are useful tools for most difficulties , and many folks are surprised at the wide range of challenges therapy can address , whether or not strengthened by hypnosis .

Many people are familiar with the use of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for emotions , relationships, thinking  and health improvment — couples issues, work ,  family stresses, physical comfort , etc.  Dr. Bob has also helped many hundreds of individuals and couples with distress  stemming from the interactions between their history & genetic make-up ,   with relationships to themselves and others , and  with problem-solving in both everyday and unusually challenging situations.

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy are also  quite useful  for managing the so-called mental & emotional difficulties —“SO - CALLED”  because many of these are simply problems of everyday life :  anxieties,phobias ,panic , depressions, unresolved grief ,  attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), learning problems,  bipolar disorder (formerly called “manic depression”),  obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and other conditions.  Dr. Bob has been among the pioneers at integrating many different strategies and techniques  in these areas with hypnosis , and has taught hundreds of clinicians how to use hypnosis to empower their own approachs to  healing.

Dr. Bob’s third speciality is psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to more effectively and comfortably manage and / or improve  physical conditions and habits — for example, warts ,  sleeping,  eating,  addictions ( including smoking ),  pain from ANY cause ( arthritis , nerve , birthing , physical therapy , etc ) ,   high blood pressure,  fibromyalgia,  chronic fatigue ,  allergies, and side effects from chemo- and  radiation therapy .

I especially enjoy using Group Therapy ( weekly ,  & / or  Half-  & All Day ) for these and most other issues because , although many people don’t realize it ,  relationships w/ other people are usually very significant factors in developiung  &  relieving any kind of difficulty .  Group treatment is also significantly more cost effective ,  & usually equally or more efficient  than individual treatment . I generally view folks as “graduating ” from individual treatment to group treatment , although some  clients move directly into groups after 3 individual preparation sessions.

Dr Bob’s fifth specialization is Training other healors to do better what they’re already doing .  Some very advanced trainees have been with me 20 + years .  I feel quite privileged to work with other clinicians  because I learn as much as I teach , &  I get to spend time with such nice  folks  &  effective healors .  We often bring their or my clients (without charge ) , for demonstration and discussion purposes.

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