Free 15 minute interview — A New Way to Get to Know Each Other

The other day for the first time , I offered someone  a brief , in-person interview without charge ,  to consider working together.  I really like doing things differently than usual or however I’ve done before ,  because that’s generally more creative , spontaneous  and  fun .  Talking together about a topic of mutual interest is also the way Dan Ariely over @ Duke ,   ,has learned from his ground-breaking research in Behavioral Economics that 2 people can discover much more reliably whether they fit well together , than if they just e-mail or even speed-date ( see  The Upside of Irrationality–Dan Ariely .

 It worked out so well I decided to offer that to anyone I don’t know who might be considering psychotherapy .  We can talk about anything you like ; I can ask & answer questions , listen to stories , or say how I might go about working with your issues .

You can call me  (919) 215-4703  now or whenever the time is right , & well talk together.

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