FYI about executive function declines for some women during menopause

An FYI about declines in executive function during menopause and after [i.e. problems with working memory, organization, focus and attention] based on three research studies in ADDitude magazine about ADHD meds helping with that, both stimulants and non-stimulants. The number of women in the 3 studies was small, but the results were consistent. It may be caused by reduced estrogen, and not all women experience these symptoms. If relevant for you, you can discuss it with your PCP.ADDITUDEMAG.COMCould ADHD Medications Improve Memory, Focus & Organization in Menopausal Women? The Research Says YesAn overview of the first studies providing evidence that a stimulant medication can be well-tolerated and improve executive functions in healthy menopausal women without ADHD who report subjective decline in working memory, organization, focus and attention that were unprecedented for them prior to….LikeCommentShare



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