Growing Older sure isn’t the same as growing Old

My comment on Dan Ariely’s 11-17-12 blog post about his hair loss.

Hi D,  I agree heartily with Mr Clemens, & I sure don’t give a damn if I show my age visually.  So far, the wisdom accompanying aging, for example, rapid pattern recognition [i.e,”experience”], more than compensates for my  graying & thinning hair.  I think of it as becoming a “silverback”, as in gorilla.  I grew 3 inches shorter several years ago from a “slipped disc’.  It was an 18 month long, excruciating challenge to my support system & hypnotic skills, and aside from becoming instantly[and temporarily] overweight, and the healed narcissistic wound to my former 6 feet ,1 & 1/2 inch self image, I’ve continued managing as comfortably as I can.   Dr Bob

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