Hypnosis Workshop Friday, February 27, 2015

Hypnotic Impasse Resolution   These two PDFs are 1] a flier for my upcoming hypnotic workshop, to help unstick wherever someone’s stuck, and 2] a short bio.  I’d appreciate your printing and posting, and giving to anyone you think appropriate.  In addition to the personal hypnotic enhancement of therapeutic outcomes, it’s a good therapy and hypnotherapy training opportunity as well, either as a participant, or observer [half fee].

My website DrBobDick.com should help potential participants know me and my work better, and I’m happy to chat with anyone to consider how the workshop might be helpful.  My clients get a $10. discount, as do 2 or more folks registering at the same time. As usual, if you don’t want to receive these announcements, just reply with an empty Email.   Thanks for helping me get this out to folks who can use it.

2015 Hypnotic Impasse Flier PDF.pdf

Preview attachment Bob Dick Short Bio Final 2014-2.pdf

Bob Dick Short Bio Final 2014-2.pdf
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