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Here’s the confusing trail I followed.  Someone asked a link for the referenced articles and the ad – there was no link in the original Email because I actually read the hard copy magazine – some old fogies still do that.  So here’s the most worthwhile link I can share – hope you find it as interesting and useful as I have, even if you don’t track down the hard copy May 20, 2013 New Yorker, or find it on line, where old fogey bob found it, when  a more modern colleague asked an attention focusing question.    , and P.S.   the articles are in the “Innovators” issue of the New Yorker 5-20-2013.  Unfortunately, the on line version goes only to phones, not laptops, and the representative I spoke with could not find the advertised “free trial subscription”.

Frustrating!  Unless you’re a subscriber already and can access their Archives, a friend’s or library’s back issue are the ways to find the articles and/or Peggy’s Cobalt Blue ad without subscribing.  Darn!!    

Warmly,  b

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From: Dr Bob Dick <>
Date: Mon, May 27, 2013 at 11:22 PM
Subject: You might enjoy, in the
New Yorker magazine 5-20-’13, the articles on Treadmill Desk-ing, & a hopeful development in Alzheimer’s care ” The Sense of An Ending”, as well as the blue-splashed ad in the right hand column of page 107.  Warmly,  b
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