Keeping Secrets From Your Therapist

I’ve offered two responses to comments on Dr Joe Burgo’s latest thought provoking blog post at   The first was

Hi Sioux, I imagine we keep our secrets in order to avoid anyone else discovering who we really are and what we’re really like – i.e. unlikable and unloveable. The biggest secret of all is that everybody seems to have that same deep fear and hides whatever feels shameful about them to prevent avoidance, disgust and abandonment by both particular people and everyone in general. Speaking aloud these secret thoughts, feelings and behaviors to someone, perhaps a therapist, who accepts us despite who we really are, someone we’ve come to trust, admire and even love, seems the secret and scary path out of shame. It takes great courage and is well worth the risks. Dr Bob

Here is the new reply:
Nicely said, Bob.


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