Promotional note for Peggy Payne & her Kindle edition of Revelation

a note I just posted on an Amazon discussion group — ” the Best book I’ve read lately”

REVELATION by Peggy Payne is the best book I’ve re-read lately. It’s so well written that when first published in 1988, it got a review in the The New York Times and was described as “very good”.

The story is about the intense upheaval following a minister in the college town of Chapel Hill, N.C. telling his congregation from the pulpit about his hearing the voice of God. I was real surprised to learn from Peggy that many, many people regularly report hearing the voice of God. The novel is so realistic that a woman from a Chapel Hill church complained vigorously to the author about REVELATION airing that church’s painful schism. I know the author well, so I’m absolutely certain she knew nothing about that church or it’s troubles. Church schisms are evidently lots more frequent than I’d realized.

Full disclosure requires that I admit knowing this funny and factual incident because Peggy is my live-in lover/wife.

PS  this note was deleted from the “Best book…discussion” because it was “self-promotion” — I understand & regret losing visibility for the book.  My comment is indeed factual, and I Did offer it with promotion of both wife and Revelation in mind.

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