Kundalini and Cobalt Blue: link to interview with Peggy Payne

Peggy Payne

The Kundalini Consortiium has just posted an interview with me about my focus in Cobalt Blue on this reservoir of rarely-tapped psychic energy. I am thrilled to be on that site, which is a wonderful resource on the subject. Please have a look. He asked really good questions.

It gives her a body-and-soul recognition of the passion to merge with others, to know herself as one with other people, to give up, if briefly, her separateness.
Please share your experience/response to this Post. I'd sure like to know, and it could be useful to someone else. You can click the Post's title to view the entire post, and Comment below, if you like. The "Name Field" will accept any name, so you can be Anonymous [Anon] if you prefer. You must enter your Email to post a comment, but your Email address will not appear publicly. Thanks, Dr Bob
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