Coming Out About the Pain of OCD

I’ve edited and am re-posting this with a corrected and working link immediately following this paragraph. I’m having trouble with how WordPress is showing me my posts, mostly as code only, so I’ve not deleted the link to the talk that doesn’t work – please bear with me, I’ll get it fixed ASAP.

 I’m sure glad I went to hear this Monti talk Peggy’s brother Harry Payne gave in Raleigh a while back.  I stayed on the verge of tears throughout most of his talk.  It was deeply personal, brave, heartfelt, riveting and effective storytelling.  I’m sure Harry accomplished his intention of raising awareness, compassion  and support for those burdened with OCD.  I hope he’s successful in raising enough money for his OCD outreach through the Lucy Daniels Center.…/PodcastEpisode164…\

A while back I posted a piece I wrote for the N&O regarding the OCD that is an issue for me and many of my family. I was invited to give a “the Monti” curated talk on a stage in Raleigh in January and decided to go serious this time. I chose to tell my story in the hope of later using it to raise funds for an OCD outreach effort and treatment center at the renown Lucy Daniels Center which deals with childhood onset psychiatric disorders. I am not trying to raise funds here… but to raise understanding and perhaps a bit of freedom for those who have this condition to talk to you. I promise you that at least one of your friends would like to very much. For them and me, it is somewhere between TMI and Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story”

Episode #164: A man endures over four decades of his life while keeping a debilitating secret from every single person he knows. Recorded live on January 19, 2016 at our Fish Out of Water show at Raleigh Little Theatre.
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