My Medical Stay-cation in June

 This E is the easiest way to let clients, clinicians I share clients or office space with, and a few friends and family know the date’s been set for my knee replacement – Wednesday June 4 @ Duke Hospital.  I’m looking forward to walking long distances comfortably again.
    I’ll see everyone I’ve scheduled through Tuesday, June 3, and won’t be seeing clients for about 3 weeks – around June 25.  The Full Day Hypnosis Group June 27 is re-scheduled, likely late Oct.
    I’ll let you know when I’m going back to work.  I expect my rehabilitation to be as rapid and comfortable as I can make it – a learning experience, and another opportunity to use self-hypnosis instead of sedation, for pain management and rapid healing.
    My outgoing Voicemail message at work 919-215-4703 will alert folks when I’m ready to see clients again, and I’ll   Email when I’m ready to see folks, to set up appointments   See ya’ after a while, b


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