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Subject:  ( Scroll down to see Bob’s announcement ) Thank you from Haven Medical

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and those you love a happy, healthy holiday season.

From the Haven Family,
Sonia, Kerry, Ruby and Arya (woof woof)

Please follow the link below to fill out the Haven Medical survey. We want to know what you think of us and what we can do to improve your experience at Haven. Complete the survey before January 9th and register for the chance to save 50% off your next appointment at Haven. Haven Medical Survey

Coming at the end of January 2012:
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Optimum Whole Health Workshops
Haven Medical
A comprehensive, physician-guided weight loss program that helps you gain health as you lose weight. Join the Optimum community to set your health goals and meet them this year. The Optimum Program will include
  • a four phase program  consisting of four weekend workshops offering a wide variety of classes and modalities to help you envision and experience your optimal health.
    • Detoxification  Phase: A gentle detoxification and initial weight loss through a  supportive elimination diet. Feel good while you lose an average of 5-15  pounds over three weeks. Eliminate headaches, muscle aches, clear your  skin, and see how your health improves as you detox.
    • Balancing  Phase: Maintain your weight loss and learn how your body responds as you  re-introduce foods into your diet.
    • Weight Loss  Phase: A personalized diet plan using either the HCG-diet or other  supportive supplements, this phase will help you lose 15-30 pounds and  then reset your metabolism so that you can maintain this new weight.
    • Maintenance  Phase: Translate these successful strategies into long-term weight and  health goals.

Included in the Optimum Whole Health Program are:

  • a comprehensive medical evaluation by Dr. Sonia Rapaport including laboratory tests, EKG, body composition analysis, and a personalized preventive health assessment.
  • a follow-up evaluation by Dr. Sonia Rapaport including laboratory tests, body composition analysis, and post-program planning for health maintenance.
  • four weekend workshops with classes and tools to make your program successful
  • Optimum program supplements, dietary aids, and prescriptions (supplements recommended for underlying medical conditions are available at additional cost)
  • personalized notebook and health care plan
  • weekly newsletters
  • recipes and taste testing
  • optional program add ons:
    • program extension for those who have additional weight to lose
    • natural movement training
    • skin care classes
    • cooking classes
    • individual meditation counseling

More information available January 3rd.

New at Haven:

  • Haven is pleased to welcome Dr. Bob Dick to Haven Healing Arts Center. Dr. Bob is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years experience who is widely recognized for his skills in individual, couple and group psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Dr. Bob’s
    Dr Bob Dick

    strength is   developing warm rapport through direct conversation and honest feedback,  usually leading to relatively rapid relief, problem solving and  personal  change. His approach is  eclectic, using a wide variety of strategies and  tactics, especially   Interpersonal, CognitiveBehavioral and Hypnotic. In 1982 he visited China to learn Eastern approaches and  to teach  mental health practices, particularly group therapy and  hypnosis.

    Dr. Bob received his PhD in Clinical Psychology at UNC and interned at Harvard Medical School, studying with Dr. Milton Erickson and other leading therapists. He is a well-sought after trainer of professionals in psychotherapy, hypnosis and group  psychotherapy.

    • Dr.  Bob will see clients at Haven Medical on Mondays, starting January  9th.
    • To  make an appointment or get information, call Dr. Bob at (919) 215-4703
    • For more  information, go to DrBobDick.
  • Joining the Haven Family at our front desk is Andi Wolfgang.                           Andi is a Holistic Health Coach and the co-owner with her sister of Nama Kiss, a raw, vegan chocolate company. Andi WoflgangWe’re looking forward to incorporating Andi’s skills into your Haven experience. Be sure to ask her about Nama Kiss chocolates and fudge (delicious and good for you!). For more information, go to Nama Kiss.
50% off
your next
Answer our survey and register for the chance to win a coupon towards 50% off your next appointment at Haven Medical.
Offer Expires: January 8, 2012
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