OA pain – Whatever works for you

Tho not yet supported by strong science [very careful analysis of descriptive statistics, & no known biological path for efficacy], some data is promising. And statistical/scientific significance is different from clinical/personal significance.

I have no personal experience with collagen, and don’t run long distances, now-a-days only regular swimming pool/swim belt aerobics, and pole walking 30-45 minutes times, 5 a week.

If it works for you, placebo is absolutely acceptable. Similar medical spinal pictures are often found between pain and no/low pain individuals, especially with hypnotic/self-hypnotic intervention. I’d like to hear from anyone who explores thru a personal trial.

dr bobSCIENCEBASEDMEDICINE.ORGCollagen: An implausible supplement for joint pain “I’m one of those odd people that enjoys distance running. I end up spending a lot of time in the company of other runners. And when we’re not…

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