Occasional Openings in My 3 Weekly Therapy Groups

I posted this at the Carolinas Group Psychotherapy forum:

Seeing Joan Seifert’s email about Group openings, I remember warmly what a super-competent and compassionate therapist and trainer she is. So I’ll join her in reminding folks of an opening in my 3 groups, and of the evidence based effectiveness and efficiency of weekly group psychotherapy.

My 2 late afternoon groups in Raleigh stay pretty full, but when members have been together a good while, a member graduating often brings a few other members to feel ready to say Group Goodbyes.

My Chapel Hill Mondays 5:30-7PM group has an opening, and the groups on Tuesdays and on Thursdays in Raleigh will have an opening in the foreseeable future. The power of an open-ended interpersonal/integrative/process approach continues strong as ever, a compliment and alternative to structured, time-limited skills/psycho-educational groups, and an incomparable training and growth experience for young therapists. The recent trend away from the necessity of personal therapy for therapists feels puzzling and unwise to this old guy – I think younger healers must still be the same sort of complex people with complicated backgrounds as us old farts.

The uninterrupted 40 year life of these groups allows me to rely on the positive group norms and values which evolve and continue to support and guide personal change and growth, without having to take months or years slowly and painstakingly to be re-established.

Interested folks can see my site and phone me to consider further the 3 individual-session preparation process that establishes a strong therapeutic bond with this leader, ensures being fully informed about the healing interpersonal factors of group therapy (see Irv Yalom), and minimizes early frustrations and premature drop-outs.

dr bob

On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 8:45 PM, Joan Seiffert <joanseiffert@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello All,

I have openings in a Monday evening interpersonal process group meeting from 5:30 to 7:00pm.

Interested people can access my website and call for information and to arrange a group screening.

Please share your experience/response to this Post. I'd sure like to know, and it could be useful to someone else. You can click the Post's title to view the entire post, and Comment below, if you like. The "Name Field" will accept any name, so you can be Anonymous [Anon] if you prefer. You must enter your Email to post a comment, but your Email address will not appear publicly. Thanks, Dr Bob
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  1. I used to think that “group therapy” meant “therapy on the cheap,” like “group tennis lessons” instead of individual lessons. How wrong I was! To continue the sports analogy, “group therapy” is like learning how to play basketball as part of full game with ten other learning players, instead of just talking about basketball and doing one-on-one drills with the coach (or just practicing free throws in an empty gym). To learn how to be me in a world with other humans, I had to do the work with other humans.

    My ~3 years in one of Dr. Bob’s group were transformative. In my forties, I learned for the first time how to survive sitting in a room with someone I might have angered or disappointed, without avoiding, and without spinning into an anxiety twister. I also learned for the first time how long it takes to get past speaking b.s. from the brain and to start speaking honestly.

    Several years later, I find that I am still learning new things from old lessons provided in group. Some seeds take a while to sprout, I guess. But I know that they don’t sprout unless they’re planted. Mind you, I’ve gotten angry during the process. But — er, I mean AND — that’s part of the process.

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