Olympics and Pleasure and Happiness

If you’ve watched some of the quadrennial Games you’ve enjoyed more pleasure than usual. If you’ve not been watching, consider the possibilities. Of course, not all pleasures lead to happiness, but some are wonderful to experience. This link goes to the NYT ‘s many stories from the Games – some are true and unpleasant, but like everyone and every situation, there’re unpleasant aspects to the extravaganza. Focusing on the dedication, Hard work, and harmless drama of these competitions, whether or not you enjoy the American hero focus of the TV coverage, the individual and team intensities of passion are exhilarating. The strength, coordination, balance and performance under pressure can be inspiring, toward whatever personal goals you might have.

Some of the stories may be worthwhile, but less so to me, than watching the actual games. What the human mind and body and spirit can accomplish is Amazing!! I’ve even liked watching several sports in which I have no real interest, like beach volleyball. I wonder what you’ll be glad you took the time and made the effort to see.   Dr Bob



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