Personal Letter to a Psychologist

Found in Drafts, from 11-20 12.   Yr Good — these Electronics are running us more & more — fortunately folks like you understand them well enough, & will keep them from enslaving us.
Take a look @ my ad page in the new DIPP directory facing “Disorders & …” ,
& let me know the responses you get as you force everyone you know to see it & do the right thing.
I’m really enjoying semi-retirement {2 days a week in Ral, 1 in CH connected w/ a Very impressive woman holistic Family physician}. I’m having’ fun & doing things very differently than when I went along in lock-step, homogenized Corporate psychology, w/ long & relatively useless monthly staff meetings —
like charging way-lower fees; continuing not to accept insurance; sliding my scale lots more often [both Up & Down]; getting myself rated on Angieslist; in Training Group, workin’ w/ a trainee’s client one time/no-charge as a video-ed demo for discussion; having therapists visit, without charge, that same First Fridays Training Group[10-11:45AM, monthly “Advanced/intermediate”], etc…
I’ve offered that last option just by word-of-mouth, like I get most referrals. Anyway, you can send along any trained therapist you think might like networking w/ us, &/or the stimulation of a couple hours w/ some good people who’re also good healers, or who just wants to learn experientially what I/we do, from the inside-out.
I sure remember warmly long-time-ago closeness with you & with your family — I don’t remember just what I got uncomfortable with between you & me.  I do remember my disappointment & sadness at my still feeling wary when we finally spent some together again. Doesn’t matter, I guess, why, and it doesn’t diminish the pleasure I feel when I see the pictures & remember the good old times. We’re both good-enough people, & I wish people weren’t so damn complicated.
The longer I live/ the older I get/ the more I learn, the more I realise that I don’t
really understand a lotta’ stuff I thought I understood. And the more I find mysterious so much of what I use to imagine I understood. For the Good old times, My love to you & …
Warmly, b

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