Other Useful Websites – in no particular order

Thoughtful & insightful blog by writer & psychoanalyst Joe Burgo, PhD  Continuing Growth After Psychotherapy – see any of his books, like  The Narcissist You Know  – how to recognize, deal with & protect yourself from the everyday narcissistic people we all have in our lives.


Dr. Ned Hallowell — ADHD/ ADD; Parenting; and Time/Life Management   —  all his books are classics — very optimistic, strength based approach.   Of his many useful books,  Delivered From Distraction  is a good place to start learning about and re-framing ADHD.

Married to Distraction is about the challenges to marriage in our intense, high-speed culture, not about ADHD.  I have adults who might have the ADHD syndrome to use the overview/descriptive Screening tool pp 92-96, to help clarify their situation.  I ask them mindfully to assess [Yes, No or I Don’t Know] for each chunk, and to have someone who knows them Well rate them on this tool separately and independently.    The results of both ratings must be discussed with me [or another ADHD expert] before drawing any conclusions, because misinterpretations of the brief descriptions is otherwise highly likely.  Psychological testing, while always interesting, is unnecessarily expensive and inefficient in most cases of Adult ADHD, if the clinician is an ADHD specialist, which most clinicians are not.

Improving marital relationships  The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work – classic, quite accessible, practical paperback

ADDitude magazine — good, popular press articles re ADHD & well known, successful folks who deal personally with this syndrome

Other Fine Healers ,  alphabetically:

Linda Carroll therapist, couples expert, author and seminar leader; her book Love Cycles details how to deal with the deep and unavoidable disappointments  every spouse finds in their partner/specifics about what to do and say, and what to Stop doing and saying.

M.Alan Dickens, MD ophthalmologist who fixed my cataracts – highly skilled & compassionate

Psychiatrist compassionate, experienced and quite competent  Kyle Worsham MD General Adult Psychiatry – Home

Couples counseling & sex therapy:

1. Rebecca Dnistran , MA   —  first-rate healer & person

2. Bryce Kaye, PhD @ Carey Counseling Center –  Very skilled & does EMD-R  see his website  – especially couples therapy & EMD-R;   see his very useful book  The Marriage First Aid Kit     — a brilliant psychologist for children & families–Sand Play & Hypnosis

Sheila Kealey, et al  Food for Thought: Healing Foods to Savor

Sam Wellborn, MD @ Duke – very compassionate and competent orthopedic surgeon who replaced my knee

Michael Yapko,PhD

Resources for Writers  : — internationally known and acclaimed author, editor, blogger and consultant to writers on all things literary, from help with manuscripts to council about how to/where to get your work published; New York Times Notable Author; nowadays writes novels and blogs from her interest in the overlap between sexuality and spirituality. (Full disclosure here – this is my honest appraisal of her services & skills – she’s also my wife, and one of the best parts of my life).

Laurel Goldman – brilliant writer and teacher of writing in Chapel Hill

Carrie Knowles  ( 919 ) 821-3478   Free Range Studio &  Gallery  —  a fine writer, teacher of writing, and printmaker as well.

Psychotherapy for Mesothelioma [and other Cancer Patients]

Resource for Smoking and ADHD:

Addiction Guidance and Resources: extensive listing of national associations, blogs, forums, Apps, particular alcohol and drug and behavioral addictions, etc.  A very well done volunteer-created effort – the list of support groups in NC isn’t complete, and you can track local support groups locally.

Resource for Becoming a Non-Smoker

Sensory Overload described and aid suggested in autism spectrum and other conditions –Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

See “ Brief Hypnosis Facts for Clients And Therapists “   under “ Hypnosis ”

For help becoming a non-smoker  –

For information about caregiver burnout:  from Annie Smith Community Outreach and Senior Advocate

See   Other Useful Websites on menu under  Resources.

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