How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weekly Interpersonal Group Therapy Experience

  • Arrange contact and time with group members between groups.
  • Commit yourself to change/learn/practice/use other expressions than the discount “Try”, unless you’re Not fully committed to the action.
  • Develop clear, as-measurable as possible, written goals.
  • Review your goals regularly, at least quarterly, then date and rate (1-10) on your contract.
  • Stay focused on the Present and on Change.
  • Take reasonable risks, especially when scared, experimenting/exploring new behaviors in group and between sessions.
  • Keep a therapy journal, it really helps!
  • Practice new behaviors again and again, in and out of group.
  • Watch the video of the group regularly and carefully between sessions, both when present and absent; be sure to take notes and report your observations to your group.
  • Put significant energy into homework when it is assigned, and bring it up/discuss it at next session.
  • Reward yourself for positive changes, especially for small steps – this is how all animals learn everything ; See Please Don’t Shoot the Dog – Karen Pryor.
  • Develop “here and now” skills — be present-focused about what I do and don’t want/feel/think NOW.
  • Check-out your perceptions; beliefs, impact; and reactions with others.
  • Develop simple, clear and effective communication and intimacy skills (open, honest and direct in the “here and now”; especially notice discounts of self and others = talking/acting as if what is Real is not Real, and what isn’t Real is Real.
  • Give others generous, clear feedback.
  • Give positive strokes to others for their changes.
  • Review this list carefully the first week and monthly thereafter.  Be sure to ask me about anything you don’t fully understand – you can be sure at least three other members also need to know.

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