How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weekly Interpersonal Group Therapy Experience

  • Arrange contact and time with group members between groups.
  • Commit yourself to change/learn/practice/use other expressions than the discount “Try”, unless you’re Not fully committed to the action.
  • Develop clear, as-measurable as possible, goals.
  • Review your goals regularly; at least quarterly, then date and rate (01-10) on contract.
  • Stay focused on the Present and on change.
  • Take reasonable risks, especially when scared, experimenting/exploring new behaviors in group and between sessions.
  • Keep a therapy journal – it really helps!
  • Practice new behaviors again and again, in and out of group.
  • Watch the video of the group regularly and carefully between sessions, both when present and absent; be sure to take notes and report your observations to your group.
  • Put significant energy into homework when it is assigned, and bring it up/discuss it at next session.
  • Reward yourself for positive changes, especially for small steps – this is how all animals learn everything ; See Please Don’t Shoot the Dog– Karen Pryor.
  • Develop ‘here and now’ skills – be present-focused – what do I want/feel/think NOW.
  • Check-out your perceptions; beliefs, impact; and reactions with others.
  • Develop simple, clear and effective communication and intimacy skills (open, honest and direct in the ‘hear and now’; especially notice discounts of self and others = talking/acting as if what is Real isn’t Real, and what isn’t Real is Real.
  • Give others generous, clear feedback.
  • Give positive strokes to others for their changes.
  • Review this carefully the first week and monthly thereafter.  Be sure to ask me about anything you don’t fully understand – you can be sure at least three other members also need to know.

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3 Responses to How To Get The Most Out Of Your Weekly Interpersonal Group Therapy Experience

  1. Mary Sue Olcott says:

    Hi Bob, This is Mary Sue from CGPS. I was at the party last Friday night. I thought that was terrific! You invited observers to your group and I’m writing to say that I’m interested. I’m also curious about the first suggestion in “How to get the most . . ” Do you encourage out of group contact? I’m relatively new to group therapy. I’m working toward my CGP certificate. I’ve been in supervision with Joan Seiffert for a long long time. So how would I go about becoming an observer in one of your groups? I live in Greensboro so timing will be everything for me. Thanks so much! Mary Sue

  2. Dr. Bob says:

    Somehow I lost track of this comment, so I sent Email to you clarifying your queries & asking you call me to set up observation, likely Chapel Hill Mondays is closest/best for you. We’ll talk soon I hope. Dr Bob

  3. Dr. Bob says:

    PS I encourage contact between members between group meetings to deepen their relationships – appropriate caveats and protections are agreed before a client joins a group. Dr Bob

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