Response to student request / Emotions & Email

[slightly edited for focus] Hey ____, I’m glad you got what you need, & very much appreciate your getting back with me to give me closure on your successful project. That kind of responsible behavior is somewhat unusual, both in people in general, and especially in folks in their early 20’s.
My compliments, & I’ll be glad to help in any future venture if it doesn’t require a lot of typing. As you go along in your life, please do Remember and reflect on my earlier suggestion–that

Personal, emotionally important communication is quite frequently, easily, greatly and painfully misunderstood by the receiver if done in printed text. Awareness and practice of this guideline doesn’t come naturally or easily to folks who use Email or texting a lot. It would have saved many in my acquaintance major intimate relationship difficulties and disasters. Should this information/ guideline clearly advantage, or disadvantage relationships you have or know about, I’d sure like to hear about it from you.
Warmly, Dr Bob

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