Remember , all hypnosis is self-hypnosis–that’s either disappointing or empowering.  Disapointing if u seek magic from some external source  — long ago folks thot hypnosis was imposed by the usually male  Dr onto  the subject , usually female–that’s real old-fashioned & untrue. 

I think it’s  empowering , cz it gives you  control over your own hypnotic experience .  I think it’d be kinda scary  if you imagined someone else were in control of you , & fortunately , that can’t happen. 

  You can call me if you’re interested in learning more–the most cost-effective formats  i know are the extended Hypnosis Groups I run , either Half-Day in Ral ,  or All Day at my house in the country–the 3 times a year schedule is detailed on the Workshops page. 

   Friday [ June 24 or Oct 28 ]  afternoon’s   Impasse Resolution workshop  in Raleigh’d be an excellent introduction to me & this approach at a very low cost.  Dr Bob ( 919 ) 215-4703

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