Sex Between Long-Term Partners

See Dr Joe Burgo’s recent post about sex .

My comment:  Stimulating post, pun intended. I think of sexual release as an adult human need akin to food, clothing and shelter. As with any generalization, certainly there are exceptions; people come in many variations of awareness and expression of needs,wants, and wants-so strong as to seem needs. I like a simple view,so in a simplistic way, my clinical experience with couples is similar to my personal experience: that regular sex soothes the body, mind and spirit, and functions as part of the “glue” that helps hold couples together over the looong haul.

That old Woody Allen joke comes to mind: Dr- “How often do you two have sex?” Wife – “all the time.” Husband – “hardly ever”.  Asked numerical frequency, they agreed the answer was “twice a week”.  Dr Bob

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