The Question was “What does it feel like to be Rich?”

my answer was off the cuff, spontaneous & certainly incomplete. I’ve edited it slightly for clarity.
Compared to mosta’ the in the world, a great majority in the US are fabulously ! rich. How does it feel? Kinda hard to say, given a broader, more inclusive definition of “rich”, which changes the relative importance of having a slightly higher percentage of wealth than a bunch of other hugely wealthy Americans [relative to the rest of the world].

All things’re relative, & $ sure doesn’t cover everything measured in the Happiness research. In fact , there’s an asymptote to how much increased personal income raises happiness, at about $30, I remember. This research is robust, dispite the abstractness of the concept, cz the definition is carfully delimited & scientifically measured & discussed.
See Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman, PhD ; Positivity by Barbara
Fredrickson,PhD;& particularly The How of Happiness by S. Lyubormirsky[’08].
Personally, I feel rich in contentment & satisfaction with the last few decades of my life. I’ve made & continue to make many, many errors of judgment & choice, & only a frame of ” Learning to Do Better As I Can Next Time” allows me again and again, to accept and forgive and respect myself sufficiently along this amazing, unpredictable, out-of-my-control, mysterious, miraculous experience we call life.

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