Individual and Group Therapy by Skype

My reply to a query:

My several therapy-by-Skype experiences haven’t been near as useful as I believe I can be in up-time therapy.  I think two of those three customers benefited: one was many months, one brief & intermittent, & one foreshortened.  I know a therapist who does all his therapy by Skype.   He likes it a lot, and I believe he’s quite good at it.  When I already know the people well, I feel comfortable & plenty useful with Skype, infrequently and intermittently in a course of therapy, and as a consultant or to supervise other therapists
   I get a lot of my therapeutic energy, power & satisfaction in the up-time, shared experience of personal relationship, with all of its sensory cues, clues about a client’s relationship style, & enhancement of my unconscious/intuition.  Maybe I’m just old fashioned, and a creature of habit.
     You asked about group therapy, which is Very powerfull and useful/ really more so than individual therapy, But only after dealing with whatever must be done individually.  Group therapy by Skype would be especially hard/? impossible for me without seeing all the clients’ interactions,  seeing all the subtlies of everyone’s body language, and at the same time, hearing clearly the accompanying analogical markings, i.e., the critical, nonverbal aspects of language [volume, tone, pitch, timbre, timing, etc.], that carry 80 or 90% of the actual meanings of the words.
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