Training Group for Therapists

Her’s a note I sent to an interested therapist about my monthly Training group.

Hey P, I’ve led a monthly Training and Support Group (not a Supervision Group), for therapists for about 25 years. We meet first Fridays, 10:AM – Noon in my Raleigh office. Some of the members have been with the Group for decades; most are very experienced therapists, experts in their own areas.
We have a lotta’ fun, and our agenda is pretty open: sharing victories, mistakes, challenges, tactical and strategic case consultation and follow-up, ethical concerns, problem solving, up-time client demonstrations [theirs and mine], resource sharing, talks from interesting and stimulating consultants [like Dan Ariely, PhD, and Ron Vereen, MD], practice development and marketing, professional and personal growth. Therapeutic relationship/”rapport trance” is a major focus.

You or any therapist can join us by prearrangement, for a meeting without charge, to get a feel for training approaches in general, to meet the members, and to learn what/how we do this Group. Trainees can observe my weekly groups or All Day Groups without charge, and referrals to each other happen regularly.
I’m copying the Group members to get feedback on this description — it seems comprehensive to me.

The Group meets next Friday, Nov 9 [not a first Friday], then Dec 7. Exploring my website would give a good overview of my back round. I don’t use Email much, and I’d be glad to chat by phone to answer any questions. Warmly, b

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