Useful Suggestion/Alternative to Self-Denigration/Driving People Nuts!

Here’re my two seasonal gifts to you.  If you work diligently to change this habit of mind and mouth and heart, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of both improved self-esteem and improved relationships with others.

And at this time of gift giving and receiving, just like your birthdays, anniversaries, etc ,  please do Consider Deeply treating yourself with the same love and kindness you give the Other people you love.  A material gift within your budgetary limits is a good place to start.  Then give lots of time and thought to something(s) no one else could know you really need or want, you can’t buy for money in a store, and no one else can give you.  If you make a Practice of giving yourself these special, subjective gifts, your life will feel and be significantly happier.

Some examples of past gifts to myself and, and of several wise clients:  Doing  45 minute appointments, rather than 60 or 50 minutes gave me plenty of time for good therapy, and the extra 5 minutes between clients allows time to make comfortable transition, walk down the stairs with folks for pleasant goodbyes [and increasingly important at my time of life], physical exercise/increasing the blood flow to my brain, peeing, and breathing deeply;

Acceptance and Forgiveness of something in particular [perhaps the two most important processes in healing],  especially of one’s self, as well as of the others, the Other, life, God, luck, my body, time, circumstances, situations, losses, mistakes of commission and/or omission, …; starting or stopping something personally important; …

Wait patiently, and the link below will bring interesting, and perhaps, entertaining results.

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