Full Day Hypnosis & Self-hypnosis Workshops

I lead a full day or half-day Hypnosis Group yearly, always on a Friday.  There’re all  for both individuals and couples.  General content and date for the Personal Growth Workshop are below.  This day is useful for any kind of  personal or interpersonal issue: mind, body and/or spirit.  Please see specific theme/content  descriptions and dates under Workshop Schedule for the Impasse Resolution Workshop, and the Love Skills for Couple-ing Workshop :
1) Hypnotically Enhanced IMPASSE RESOLUTION.  Friday TBA, call for current schedule.

2) Hypnosis in PERSONAL GROWTH – Healing Mind, Body and Spirit.  Friday TBA.

3) LOVE SKILLS – Hypnotically Enhanced Emotional Intimacy Skills for Couple-ing. Dr  Bob has offered these Full Day Hypnosis Workshops for more than 30 years.  The workshops meet at a rural, waterfront Cabin in the center of North Carolina’s Triangle area/Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill,  or in Raleigh.

These Retreats are for clients, human service professionals or students in healing/health, psychotherapy, education, law, psychology, social work, general medicine, psychiatry, ministry, dentistry, etc.

We’ll create unique and personalized ways of minimizing the discomfort and interference of:everyday sadness, scare, shame, grief, guilt, anger; as well as deeper psychological or physical pain, disease and stress, relationship difficulty, the varieties of anxiety, phobia, panic, and depressions.  These approaches are much too useful to be saved for the ill, so we’ll pay great attention to practical, positive psychology — everyday problem solving and enhancing happiness, health and artistic expression.  Participants will find and strengthen their easiest paths into trance, and will begin to use self-hypnosis to simplify and change important aspects of their feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.

Daily practice of personal trance/meditation/prayer greatly enhances comfort, physical and brain and psychological change, creativity, refreshment, and psychotherapy outcomes, both for therapists and clients. This eclectic model integrates both straightforward and indirect hypnotic techniques with guided imagery, Gestalt, Interpersonal, Cognitive-Behavioral, Aikido and transactional analysis approaches to healing.

We meet 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and the fee is $130. in advance [my clients pay $120], and is not refundable if you don’t attend.  Fee is negotiable for students,  couples or two connected participants. To register or for more information, please call me at (919)-215-4703.

If you’re interested in weekly Group Therapy, let’s talk. I’ve led 5 (now 3), weekly eclectic Interpersonal / Cognitive-Behavioral / Gestalt treatment groups for about 35 years. Professionals interested in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy training are also encouraged to call.