Strengthening the Skills of Love

LOVE: Hypnotically Enhanced Intimacy Skills  [Call for current schedule]

A Full Day Workshop with Bob Dick, PhD, CGP, AC

Always on Fridays, the other two Full Day Workshops are described separately under All Day Groups.

Individuals and couples will use hypnosis to strengthen and deepen learning the basic skills necessary for emotional intimacy.   How to use self-hypnosis to consolidate and maintain these skills will also be taught.   We’ll explore a simple, practical approach to finding and adjusting personal strategies and tactics which lead to deeper, sustaining friendship and intimacy in couples.

Among other important issues we’ll consider :

  1. The differences  between Love and ” In-Love “;
  2. Each partner’s 50% responsibility for and control of the relationship they build together
  3. Each partner’s 100% responsibility for, and power over, self-regulation of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors , and of the values, beliefs , assumptions on which these processes are based;
  4. Simple approaches to transforming negative experiences and energy into positive possibilities — for example: using the right “Love Language”;
  5. Finding the hurt, scare and love beneath recurrent anger;
  6. Regulating the normal human fears that interfere with the three emotional skills  [openness,  honesty and  directness], necessary for intimate communication.

We’ll use handouts , mini-lectures , and structured exercises to help you nuture and maintain lasting Love with a partner .  Emphasis will be on experiential learning rather than on conscious logical information, rules or expectations.  Participants will want to bring a Digital audio recorder (e.g., tape recorder, digital recorder,  MP3 with recording capacity) to save the group inductions and/or their own exercises for repeated practice at home .

in Raleigh or a rural Cabin beside a pond near Jordan Lake, ~35 minutes from Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham, N.C.  I’ll send directions by E or snail mail when I get your check. — you can call me to consider how this workshop might be useful for your circumstances@

[919] 215-4703 .

Individuals: $130.
Couples: $245.
Note: Fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable . Folks who are already my clients can expect a $10. discount and can use Out-of-Network insurance benefits for psychotherapy .   Folks who are not already my clients cannot use Out-of-Network Benefits or Health Savings Accounts, since without a standard diagnostic evaluation , the workshop will be psycho-educational, rather than psychotherapy .               Read more about Dr. Bob

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