ADHD, Your Partner and You

I stumbled thru my two adult sons’ major ADHD and realized only about 10 years ago that all I learned along the way with them also applied to me. So I know adult ADD / ADHD inside-out, and  from the inside-out.  I’m quite good at quickly finding the syndrome in clients IF it’s present–I’m very careful not to project my issues onto clients, because many other issues can easily be mistaken for ADHD, i.e. the anxieties or Learning Disabilities.  Also, some folks have other, similar issues in addition to ADHD, i.e. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  There are really wonderful aspects to the gift of ADHD, which can be VERY hard to unwrap . particularly in an intimate relationship.

See 1] Ed Hallowell’s books, especially Delivered From Distraction, for an optimistic view, good support and excellent guidance; and 2] ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Kathleen Nadeau, PhD – brilliant, accessible and practical.

I’ll continue to post useful additions to this page about this speciality. For now, please know that Adult ADHD is diagnosed by history, NOT by psychological testing. Psychological test results with Adults for ADHD are usually interesting and not usually necessary, if your clinician is expert & experienced with ADHD.  Your time & money are usually better spent on working at understanding and dealing well with the completely unique mental, emotional and behavioral ways you experience the syndrome .

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