Insurance / Fees

Fees   Over the last ten years Dr Bob has gotten off all insurance panels, and he provides documentation for you to file if your policy has Outside-Of-Network benefits.   He  accepts both Outside of Network and Health Savings Account benefits. Please check to be sure of your policy’s “OON” benefits and what the Deductible is.  He accepts only checks or cash, no credit or debit cards.  Individual sessions are 45 minutes, and first-session fee is nearly always $175. , paid when you see him.   A fee for subsequent sessions is agreed upon during the second session, usually between $150. and $160 , which is about half of what he charged in his previous, corporate psychology setting.

His Sliding Fee Scale goes Both Up and Down.  If the client has one or more well established streams of professional-level income &/or other significant funds, we will negotiate and agree on a fee somewhat higher than $150.  If the client is the proverbial “starving grad student” with 3 kids, and if Dr Bob is the the “Right” therapist for the job, the fee will be Very small, i.e. $10. — $45.


Pay with Paypal

If you’ve made arrangements with Dr Bob to use PayPal, please use the form below to make payment for your services.

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