Concerned With Death?

I can offer some suggestions, tho indirect and roundabout. The fact of death ends us, but the idea/concept of death saves us. Death is deeply addressed in:  Irv Yalom’s Existential Psychotherapy, and if you’re an ambitious researcher, Rollo May’s Existential Psychology, which contains excerpts from the philosophical roots of this approach. More practical â€‹are​ Yalom’s Staring Into The Sun:Overcoming The Terror of Death​, and Who Dies by Steven & Andrea Levine​.
At last report, Yalom, one of the great luminaries of psychotherapy, is in his 80s,  still writing and seeing a few patients for single session therapy consults. His revised  and updated Theory & Practice of Group Psychotherapy is in it’s 5th edition, quite rare in my field. Because interpersonal processes importantly influence any approach to group therapy, no professional can competently lead a therapy group without reading this seminal book.

My decades ago dinner with him and his wife was far more influential on my developing therapeutic/group therapeutic style then I’d realized at the time.

 I meant to & forgot to include Oliver Saks’ last 4 very short essays collected as”Gratitude”, written as he was finishing dying – profoundly simple and deeply touching.

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