Hypnotic Impasse Resolution Workshop

NEXT on Friday June 28, 2013)

Unsticking Where You’re Stuck:

Hypnotic Impasse Resolution Workshops are held on a Friday in Raleigh.  Directions will be sent by E or snail mail when I receive your check.

Most folks have a place or few in their lives of slow or no-growth, of strong frustration, physical or emotional pain or energy drain.

Where are you stuck : Relationship(s), Feelings, Family,
Emotional Intimacy, Fun, Creativity, Sex ?
Physical Disease Or Dispiritedness
Self-Control of habits: Smoking, Weight
Grief, Depressions, Psychotherapy, Life ?

Hypnosis allows experiential learning faster, quicker and easier than the conscious mind’s usual slow, logical, often ineffective learning processes.  In this workshop you’ll:  1] Learn self-hypnosis quickly and easily, and 2) Access the exploratory and transformative hypnotic abilities everyone has, but are not usually noticed in everyday life.  Most participants take significant steps toward relieving and resolving their stuck places, moveing into increased comfort, health, productivity and contentment. Participants’ goals will be individually addressed, and issues too tender to explore in detail can be surprisingly relieved by “secret therapy”-–addressing only the feelings involved, not the specific content of the difficulty.

Please remember to read and re-read my “Brief Hypnotic Facts …” Page, and bring a digital recorder, to keep for continued use the hypnotic inductions designed to facilitate unsticking stuck places .

Limited to 12 participants, the fee for Full Day Groups is $130. , less than the cost of one individual session.  Participants pay in advance, not refundable if you don’t attend.   Extended payment plans or reduced fee are sometimes available.  If you’ve experienced no useful learning, and we explore this thoroughly During the afternoon, your fee will be refunded [I’ve been asked for a refund twice over the decades].
You can call me to consider how this workshop could be helpful to you .

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