Annual Workshop:Hypnotically Enhanced Intimacy Skills for Couple-ing

Friday, February 28th, this workshop welcomes both individuals and couples to spend the day learning experientially the essential skills of emotional intimacy: Openness, Honesty and Directness.  We use hypnosis to break through the powerful habitual fears that usually interfere with these fundamental communication abilities, to take steps toward transforming “like” and “in-love” into lasting and sustaining Love between partners.

John Gottman’s book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is the most accessible explanation of the “Do’s” and “Dont’s” which most couples find so hard to put into everyday practice.  We meet in an informal setting at my log cabin in rural northern Chatham County, and lunch is provided.  See Home page “Groups” for details, or phone me at 919-215-4703 to consider the possibilities.   Dr Bob

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