Dr. Tieraona Low Dog on People’sPharmacy:Strengthen Immune Function

I underwrote this WUNC FM 105 radio show for about 20 years. This interview is another fine public health piece, from the foremost expert [she led Dr Andrew Weil’s center after he moved on], on herbs, nutrition and supplements. The podcast details much more than this short summary – it’s really worth your attention. Turmeric in particular seems easy and multi-functional.  Dr Bob

Show 1057: How Can You Improve Your Immune Response?

In this season of colds, do you know how to improve your immune response and lower your susceptibility? Dr. Tieraona Low Dog discusses a wide range of natural approaches to improving your immunity to respiratory viruses. You can start with simple steps like getting enough sleep and proceed to taking exotic herbs like ashwagandha. This herb, like […]> Read Article

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