Error on my Psychology Today Notice

A prospective client pointed out yesterday  a longstanding  error  on my Psychology Today site profile.  I’d listed “Yes” to the question about whether I accept insurance, and today changed that to “No”.   Although I’m not on any insurance panels and don’t accept insurance payments, I can and do give the necessary document to the few clients who have Out of Network benefits, for them to file for their Out of Network benefits.

I’m grateful to that person for mentioning the confusion.  I listed no insurance companies whose policies I can accept, since there are none.  I understand how my listing could have misdirected folks, and I apologize for any misunderstandings.  I’ve emailed the company to learn when the correct information will appear on my public profile and expect that to happen within a few days.

Another frequent misunderstanding has been believing the Psychology Today notice is my actual website.  My personal website has much more useful and personalized information about me and my practice, and it’s a good idea for prospective clients to visit before phoning me.

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