Hypnosis for Knee Replacement: Anxiety Management, Sedation, Comfort & Rapid Rehab

Here’s links to the recent Raleigh N&O newspaper feature article, and to my wife Peggy Payne’s Facebook post about my use of hypnosis around my knee replacement in June.   The article merged my 2 nerve blocks into one: the nerve block during the operation actually prevented pain, and the other nerve block went home with me and reduced pain for 2 days.  There was still plenty of discomfort for me to deal with at home, so in addition to using self-hypnosis instead of chemical sedation, it was also Very helpful with managing my pre-op anxiety, for comfort management post op, and for relatively rapid rehab progress through Physical Therapy.

I was out of the hospital the day after the operation, and driving and seeing clients the third week post op.  All the helpers at the main Duke hospital, and my Physical Therapist Chris Fiander at Duke Orthopedics on Paige Road were highly competent and quite supportive.  My surgeon Sam Wellman, MD is a very nice man and was quite flexible and accepting of my use of hypnosis rather than the usual chemical sedation.  I highly recommend him and the entire team at Duke for this kind of surgery.

the article


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