I Expect to Be Back at Work in 3 or 4 More Weeks

After a week in intensive and after care at Duke Hospital, I’ve been home the past 2 weeks recuperating from an unexpected, Very fortunate life-saving heart operation. I really appreciate and am heartened by all your good wishes, and I don’t write back much ‘cx there’s too many to deal with. It’s a helluva’ learning experience, and without Peggy’s love and support I’d not’ve made it.

Latest health news is that first check-in w/ my surgeon @ Duke went well, & my blood level of cumadin medication is now close enough to the the critical range for thin enough and thick enough blood to best advantage recovery/rehab. Just had a good Skype talk w/ my older son in Saudi Arabia, who’s doing quite well, which is always what a dad wants to hear.
My sleep’s been better, and gasping for breath much reduced, while brain & body tire fairly quickly, as I’d expect. I’m quite curious how/when/what I’ll regain physically, and in what ways I’ll be psychologically Changed by this preview of death. I’ll be out 3 or so more weeks, and not up to visitors yet.
I was seeking my copy before this incident, and now re-reading from 25 years ago, Existential Psychotherapy by Irv Yalom, feels serendipitously and synchronistically Right On! And I’m amazed how deeply and subtly his perspective had influenced my life and practice of psychotherapy. I had supper with him and his wife decades ago when NCPA had him for a workshop, & didn’t know what to do with him that evening – a fortunate and stimulating experience indeed – both he and his wife have written several definitive texts in their respective fields.
An Emily Dickenson poem comes to mind, ” Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me… I first surmised the horses’ heads, Were toward eternity”  My current  Passage with Peggy sure puts Everything in a different perspective for me, & I recon I’ll be discovering over quite some time the specifics of how my perspective is changing/has changed. I’m  lookin’  forward to all that.   bd
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