Kaya the Kangal – the Passing of a Livestock Guardian Dog

My wife Peggy Payne wrote a pretty personal post about the passing of our dog today.

The Long Eventful Life of a Serenely High-Spirited Handsome Dog

Thanks for this post Peggy, Kaya was all I could ask of a companion, and more – till a few years ago he excelled at finding a moment when I wasn’t paying Very careful, close attention to fade into our woods to wander his kingdom [the world] . Every time, I thought I’d resolved/prevented that problem, but he always out-witted me until a spinal chord lesion steadily worsened over the past 5 years , to the point of no control over bladder or bowels, and no balance or control in his hind quarter. He dragged himself around by his strong front legs in short bursts, 3 yards or so. And still he tried to drag himself away for another adventure. If I could see him he answered the call of extensive obedience training, If not, he didn’t.
The doggie wheelchair was a struggle to get on, and he enjoyed much greater mobility ’till he tired in 10 or 15 minutes.
Now I keep seeing and thinking of reminders of his part of our world: pictures, dog care necessities like bags and cans of dog food, his food dish, his collar, and needing to finish picking up feces in his big electric fenced pen – Like all good dogs, he’ll have a permanent place in our memories – I miss him already. I’m real sad that he’s gone, and real glad we knew him and enjoyed him while we could.  bob

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