Mindful Breathing Practice

My E response to someone who thought their mind’s focusing on other things than breathing were intrusions.

    Glad you’re doing the practice …  “Intrusions” are not to be avoided – they’re simply the way our brain works – signs of life.  Our minds jump around like an active monkey.  Counting breaths can at first be useful, and when you lose count simply go back to one.
   There is No goal in experiencing the process of breath awareness and breath regulation, except intentionally experiencing the process of breathing.  One might know how much one needs a daily practice of meditation by how distressing “intrusions” are.  They will eventually become less and less distressing, simply natural ripples in the pond.
    Please continue to have “intrusions” [or else be dead], practicing accepting them.  Just notice where your mind went as you gently and compassionately return your conscious focus to your breathing.    Dr Bob


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