My comment to Dan Ariely’s replies to 3 queries

D,   As usual your replies are kind and interesting. About cell phone cleaning, from what I’ve read that lives on phones, including the cell variety, cleaning your phone daily with an antiseptic wipe is a darn good idea – more than once is likely overkill [pun intended].
When a friend begins to list a buncha’ complaints, I say something empathetic and change the subject to something else positive and interesting, If the complaints continue, I might say, kindly [I hope], something like “Well, what’a you know good?” Compassion goes only so far, and closeness through complaining was labeled a “Game” by Eric Berne,MD – “Ain’t It Awful”. Transactional Analysis is old fashioned but still useful. The unfortunate effect of this game is that both people feel bad or worse, as opposed to authentic positive emotional closeness. Closeness through feeling bad is a truly depressing habit – people can usually be supportive enough without hearing endless complaining.
To the query about long airplane [or traffic/weather] delays, I’d suggest taking the opportunity to breath mindfully and enjoy the timelessness. Dr Bob

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