My Email to a Client With Persistent Car Problems


What follows may tickle, but don’t laugh – that’s what my dentist says just before he injects Novocaine – it actually transforms the physical experience of pain into a chuckle, by distracting attention from the unpleasant anticipation of pain and focusing on absurd humor.
  You might consider a course @ Wake Tech in auto mechanics useful and practical, especially if everything else you want is cancelled or conflicts w/ Group.  I know yr financial aid won’t likely help w/ such a course, but it would be mechanical Aikido, & truly, the Car God’s sure been sending you Repeated messages.  I was serious about writing up your car saga – there’re sites for asking money for good causes, and/or you might post it on The Car Guys’ [Tom & Ray M.] site asking car folks to help you – might be someone local’d be an Angel, and give you/help you get a sound car.  I’ll definitely donate to such a good cause, & so wld many other right-minded folks.  I read in the past week of customers banding together to give a car to a woman working’ at a local Breugger’s  so she’d not have to get up hours early & take 3 buses to that job.
I think, far better to start college sooner than later.  If you move I’m sure you’d not take that lemon – let’s make lemonade instead.  It’s Work! to stay positive and creative in the face of continuing adversity – this’ll be a great story to tell and re-tell to your children and grand children.

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