My Holly Hill talk to therapists About Group Therapy

Our talk/discussion went very well, and I surprised myself by talking with each participant about whatever topic they were genuinely interested in. The hour flew by, and there was no time, thank goodness, for the formal presentation I’d prepared. Here’s an edited E-exchange w/ one participant :

Hi Dr Bob, Thanks for your talk at Holly Hill today – I enjoyed the content and your style, especially. I really liked how you gave attention to each listener, validating them even if they didn’t have a question.
It even worked when you simply complimented …. on her pretty name.
Regarding my question, I found the book you told me about:
Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis (Dissociation, Trauma, Memory, and Hypnosis) Steven Jay Lynn, Judith W. Rhue, Irving Kirsch. XYZ

Hi XYZ, Tx for yr feedback, & I’m glad u tracked down 1 of the 3 CBT/hypnosis books I mentioned — it’s a good reference book. The book I’d recommend as the most efficient & useful clinically oriented intro to hypnosis from a CBT perspective is Essentials of Clinical Hypnosis: An Evidence Based Approach — Lynn & Kirsch.
Hypnosis and Mindfulness by Michael Yapko is a new & very important read for meditation minded clinicians.

I wanted my talk today to be many-layered, demonstrating while talking about them. as many of Yalom’s therapeutic principals as much as I could. The atmosphere we created together was what I’d want to co-create in leading a therapeutic group. I hope you’d experience that kind of feel & flow when you arrange to observe a very experienced group therapist leading an actual treatment group. The is another good local resource for all things group, plus, they’re Good people. Their yearly training conferences offer the vital opportunity to participate in a process group led by an experienced group therapist.

I recon our paths’ll cross again when the time is right. Feel free to use me as a resource about groups, hypnosis & using them together — my website may also be interesting & useful to you.
I’d like also to ask your permission to do 2 things: 1] to send XX a cc of our E-exchange, & 2] to add your E address to my list for infrequent updates about my doings. For instance, I don’t think I mentioned today that my wife has just re-released her novel Revelation on Kindle where it was a “Hot Deal” in their spiritual category–the NYTimes loved it when first published, & I’m real sorry I didn’t promote her today. bd

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