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Glad to hear from you ……. , tho sorry your anxiety has become a struggle.  I still do single session All Day Groups once or twice a year at my cabin in Chatham County – dates are ad lib, maybe next in Feb or March – fee is $130., $120. if I’m seeing you regularly.
  Weekly Group treatment is usually a cost effective way to meet just about any goals, once any necessary individual work is done, or sometimes with continuing intermittent individual sessions. The 2 weekly Raleigh groups meet on
  1] Tuesdays 4:30-6PM, or  2] Thursdays 5-6:30 PM.
Chapel Hill Group meets Mondays 5:30-7PM, although weekly travel is not something most clients can comfortably manage.
  Folks join & stay in a particular group ’till their written contract with themselves/
Goals [ideally behaviorally defined, concrete & measurable], are accomplished.  You may remember the 1 page Goal sheet – it’s searchable, maybe in my blog, or  elsewhere on my site.  Average length of stay in Group is 12-18 months, hardly ever less than 9 months, & depending on individual needs,  sometimes years, if a client continues to benefit significantly.
  In uncomplicated cases with a client I don’t know, complete preparation for Group usually takes 3 individual sessions.  Thorough preparation maximizes likelihood of using group well, instead of floundering around a while figuring out what’s going on and how best to use the Group.  Knowing you, I think we could reduce that to 2 sessions, including brief catch-up & goal setting, if you pick up the send-home-to-read materials before we meet.  A wide range of different individual issues/perspectives on mental & physical health is a strong advantage, as opposed to a single focus group, or a pre-set number of sessions group, which therefore I don’t do.    Groups usually have 6-8 members, and all have many participants dealing with various forms of anxiety, along with the usual other therapy issues, such as the depressions, relationship issues, problem solving, etc.
   Usual group fee is $70. per session, paid monthly in advance, by or during the first session of the month – if cash flow is an issue, weekly payment can be arranged during group.
    I’d be glad to chat with you  919-215-4703  if you’d like briefly to discuss, or to set up an individual session to explore the possibilities/begin preparation, on a Tuesday or Thursday in Raleigh, or on a Monday in Chapel Hill.
Warmly,  Dr Bob
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